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About Us

In this era of chronic experienced talent shortages, we believe organizations need to think beyond full time hires and leverage experienced professionals who want to engage in projects, interim and part-time roles. We believe in the power of leveraging the wisdom and experience of Seasoned Professionals.
We are a proudly Canadian company that started seven years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was born from the idea that there is an opportunity to harness a huge and emerging economic, social and cultural asset in our society: professionals with 20+ years of business experience that are exiting their traditional careers but remain very interested in contributing to organizations and communities.
Since inception, thousands of professionals have joined our national database looking for fractional opportunities to share their wisdom and expertise. To date, we have helped hundreds of organizations, from small to large businesses and nonprofit and community organizations, by connecting them with professionals for fractional, project and interim roles.
Whether you’re looking to advise, lead or develop others, we’re working hard to provide experienced professionals with meaningful opportunities to take advantage of their wisdom and experience and contribute to their sense of purpose and community.
We help clients access the right experienced people, at the right time. An on-demand fractional business talent source can increase labor force flexibility, accelerate time to market, and enable innovation and growth.

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