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The Halifax Chamber of Commerce members are thought leaders on a wide variety of topics ranging from leadership development, business start-up courses, social media training, safety education, and more. Below is information about some of the Halifax Chamber members' training and education opportunities.

Nova Scotia Opportunities

SkillsonlineNS offers free learning for Nova Scotia businesses and offers valuable skills training to employees and managers. Employers have the option of setting up free learning networks or assigning training modules to their staff in courses such as Financial Management, Supply Chain, Getting ready series, Human Resource Management and Social Media.

Look through the list below to find even more training opportunities from Chamber members across all industries.

Training Opportunities

Move from reactive to proactive management of people within your organization Effective strategic and succession planning is rooted in a continuous process of building leaders at all levels of your organization. This course focuses on fostering a culture of strategic and succession planning and provides participants with specific approaches and tools aimed at all levels of the organization: CEO’s, board members and senior managers.

In times where all businesses are forced to move online, we have to act fast and efficiently What are the correct strategies and approaches to Online Marketing and Social Media in tomes of crisis. All businesses are moving online, we are all now competing like ever before for the same online audience. This course focuses on providing concrete tools and techniques to win the online battle. How to bid correctly and not to over spend. How to reach the right customer.

In times where all businesses are forced to move online, we have to act fast and efficiently During a severe crisis, we all need to activate our survival mode. In business, cash is king when in crisis. Optimizing your cash flow should be your utmost priority to try to guarantee the survival of your business.

Professional development is crucial to the success of your career. From managing projects and/or people you will need to be on the top of your game and prepare yourself to be assertive and confident. Managing people is a rewarding but challenging task and can be most fulfilling when you know you have managed with a solid effort. Reaching this milestone is not impossible; you just need to have the right tools and skills.

Did you know empowering your leadership team will improve productivity and engagement? It will also increase sales and benefit your customers. Leadership is less about titles and more about empowering and inspiring. Whether you are leader of an

Halifax Public Libraries cardholders have free access to Pick from more than 4,000 video tutorials taught by industry experts on a wide range of topics including business, photography, graphic design, project management, animation, audio and music production, web design, marketing, job interview preparation, public speaking, and much more. Access via web or app. Watch our tutorial to get started. Don't have a library card? Sign up for free today at

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