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We provide in-person or virtual negotiation training seminars for organizations and individuals These trainings have an immediate impact on those who attend and can be done in 2 hours or 4 hours. These trainings have an immediate impact on those who attend

We all negotiate every day in business and our personal lives. In every instance with a customer, supplier, co-worker or family member lies an untapped opportunity to make gains and expand relationships.

Most executives and entrepreneurs are not formally trained in negotiating. Title and experience in business is no guarantee to competency in reaching agreements.

For this reason, negotiation training is critical to success.

In our seminars, attendees learn the following:
-Clear definition on what is a negotiation
-Objective setting
-The different types of negotiation
-Key terms in negotiating
-Examples of positive and negative negotiations
-How to prepare for an effective negotiation
-Building and working a negotiation plan
-Develop a higher level of confidence in negotiating
-Understanding interest parameters and finding alternatives
-Formal or informal negotiations
-Determine the walk-away point
-Controlling emotions in negotiation settings through personal focus and discipline
-Present offers – and deal with counteroffers
-Negotiate with another individual informally
-Practical examples such as buying a house or a car
-Closing the deal
-Moving people off the status quo process
-Tips and tricks
-What do to next

We also provide advice for corporate transactions and large personal transactions.

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Georges Levesque

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