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Leverage Your LinkedIn Workshop w/ Jen Warrington, The Fusion Group Inc.

'?Leverage your LinkedIn' is a 90 minute workshop that will provide everything you need to build an excellent LinkedIn profile (personal + business), learn how to research career opportunities, organizations hiring + the most important pieces ~ how to build a killer network while developing your personal brand.

Your LinkedIn Profile - Personal and/or Business - is the WAY to increase opportunities, reach + revenue/salary!

20% discount on Microsoft Teams Phone

Up to 3 months free DSM Business Phone service

Up to 3 months REE Business Phone service

Up to 3 months free DSM Business Phone service

Tangent Strategies Custom Sales Seminars

TANGENT STRATEGIES CUSTOM SALES SEMINARS outperform most business growth seminars for one fundamental reason. Each seminar is custom-designed to suit your company alone. Seminar Fee reduces by $125.00 + tax for every year of your company's verified Halifax Chamber membership.

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