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Welcome to The Family Knife, a boutique marketing strategy firm. We work with business owners to craft marketing strategies that help them move up-market, charge profitable prices, and have more fun running their business.

The Family Knife is focused on two pillars: Strategy and bringing some joy back into the work.

We help our clients articulate what they truly want—and then get it, and enjoy it—by developing effective strategies for their marketing and business. We then help them build confidence in their (and their team’s) capabilities to effectively market their business, and design processes that bring the joy back into the workday.

With a sharp focus on strategy, working with The Family Knife can be a lot of fun—and we believe it should be! Our goal is to help business owners and leaders succeed, and we do that through two streams of service:


We start with leadership-level future-planning questions like “Where do you want to be?”, “What’s standing in your way?”, and “What would need to be true to get you where you want to go?” And then we build the strategy to get you there.


Clean processes, smart planning, creative touches, and celebration at every milestone. We strategically integrate your big ideas into your business with workflows and processes you’ll love to work. And we keep working at it until it works.

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