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About Us

We are a specialty lab which offers you dental technology solutions which will make your patient’s smile. We have the experience: You can trust us.

As Masters-level dental technology professionals, we aim for solutions. We will collaborate with you to deliver on the common goal of meeting your patient’s oral needs. It is clear, collaboration between dentist, patient and lab can bridge the missing link between a patient’s unique needs and the dental technology solutions needed for better outcomes. This is particularly beneficial when delivering on our specialty services such as major, restorative and implant dentistry.

We also offer a full range of dental technologies, such as single crowns, bridges, partials and dentures, esthetic cases and all implant technologies. We offer digital impressions and CAD CAM. We offer you Products Plus More!: We also offer trusted advice.

We are lab owners for nearly 4 decades. We are committed to excellence. We are certified and registered. Our experience and education has made us your Trusted Advisor. We offer recommendations on best technology solutions, treatment planning and chair-side. Our Trusted Advisor is available to our loyal customers at any time.

Our Promise:

We will improve the quality of your patient’s lives:

By attending to your patient' needs and wants, in collaboration with you;

By offering you certified technicians and recommending best technology solutions;

By offering you trusted advice and chair-side assistance; while providing you with excellent products, services and solutions.


  • Trusted~Safe~Service~Solutions
  • Trusted Advisor.
  • Safe and Certified.
  • Customer Service Centric.
  • Best Technology Solutions.

Rep/Contact Info

Henry Hintze, MDT, RDT

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