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Invisible Fence Brand® has the best quality equipment and warranties available in the entire pet containment industry. What Invisible Fence Brand® also provides is the personal one-on-one in-home training which creates the perfect combination of technology and professional knowledge and coaching.
Our Perfect Start™ Plus Training Certification allows us to provide professional coaching to you and training for your pet. This training in your home allows you and your pet to become comfortable and confident as your pets learn their boundaries and you see them enjoying their safe new-found freedom. All of this is done using our hands-on training which involves reading body language, gauging reactions, specific testing and reviewing equipment history over multiple visits. Our goal is confident, safe pets and happy, satisfied clients.
Like the automotive industry, technology has changed a lot over the past 20 years. At one time people could change their own oil and troubleshoot vehicle issues. Now as vehicles become more specialized that is no longer an option. Dog training and pet containment is no different.
Technology has changed a lot and dog training methods have come a long way. Invisible Fence Brand® Nova Scotia uses Perfect Start™ Plus Training which was developed in collaboration with professional animal behaviourists from across the US. We need to work with you and your dog at your home so that we can properly do our job so that you get what you desire; a safe, confident pet in your yard for years to come.

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