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Traditional strategic planning is easy to complete, but the execution is hard to do. In fact, 90% of companies have a strategic plan, but 89% of those companies’ plans fail.

Regardless of the why, there is a better way.

In the amount of time that companies generally dedicate to a planning event, we will enable functional leadership with tools that facilitate strategy formulation, visualization, measurement, execution, operations, and monitoring.

We did not invent this kind of strategy management - that was Harvard Business School's Bob Kaplan and David Norton. We use the entire Kaplan/Norton Strategy Management Framework, enabling companies to create plans that are 3 times more likely to succeed.

We do not do typical strategic planning, which generally happens with pre-work that is capped off with a dedicated ''offsite'' or other planning meeting that runs over a couple of days. Typical strategic planning starts and stops, is owned by a boss, has discrete steps with a hand-off, has a finished product that is shared with senior managers, and results in only the bosses know company strategy.

440park Strategy Management is planned over 6 sessions, each 2-3 hours, over a two- or three-week period. Sessions are in-person or Zoom and can be scheduled to not interfere with the day job. Total time required is about the same time as a typical ''offsite.'' 440park Strategy Management is continuous, is owned by a team, part of a smooth cycle, delivers full organizational transparency, and the entire company knows and understands strategy.

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