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The Halifax Chamber of Commerce members are thought leaders on a wide variety of topics ranging from leadership development, business start-up courses, social media training, safety education, and more. Below is information about some of the Halifax Chamber members' training and education opportunities.

Nova Scotia Opportunities

SkillsonlineNS offers free learning for Nova Scotia businesses and offers valuable skills training to employees and managers. Employers have the option of setting up free learning networks or assigning training modules to their staff in courses such as Financial Management, Supply Chain, Getting ready series, Human Resource Management and Social Media.

Look through the list below to find even more training opportunities from Chamber members across all industries.

Strategic Planning - A resilient Future for your Business

Offer Valid: 05/31/2021 - 12/31/2022

Consumer needs are changing, the way we interact with our customers are evolving.  We are seeing ourselves pushed to cope with the new normal, with the new way of dealing with the market conditions. To succeed and to ensure a resilient future for our business, we need to plan in advance and attack the market strategically. You could benefit from this course either by one on one coaching, or by joining a group session.  Both formats will give you 20 hours of learning with an instructor.

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