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Thinking of making or sponsoring podcasts? Free 1 hour Podcast Consultancy
Two thirds of adults now listen to podcasts weekly, and many businesses are taking advantage of this new market. Find out how!
One free hour of podcast consultancy to find out more about launching your own or partnering with podcasters. This can include:

The practical set up

Which platform? What equipment do I need? What software?

The format

Who is our audience? How long should it be? What should we talk about?

Who should we sponsor?

Who are the right partners? Do they have the right audience? How do we make the most of the opportunity?

I have over 6 years experience launching and running radio and spin off podcasts the for BBC, with a major success story and lots of lessons learned from failures along the way.

This hour may help you decided whether the world of podcasting is right or wrong for you, or at least give you an insight into an exciting and fast growing industry.

Contact Information
phone: (902) 222-9745
Offer Valid: March 23, 2019April 20, 2019
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