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In Response to Covid 19: New learning solutions to help those working from home
WorkingSm@rt from Home
In response to Covid19, many are now working from home. Our team at Priority Management Atlantic is here to help and support as we all learn to manage through this time of need and crisis. We are sharing our expertise and best practices for responding to the changing landscape. We can help organizations overcome the challenges of adjusting to working virtually and remaining productive. We are offering two new 2 hour virtual webshops WorkingSm@rt from Home and Leading Remote Teams for a discounted price.  We are also offering free 1 hour sessions on WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft Teams, OneNote or Outlook. 

Contact Tonya tlundriganfry@prioritymanagement.com (902-830-9730) www.linkedin.com/in/tonyalundrigan OR Shirley atlanticinquiries@prioritymanagement.com (902-425-5302 )for details

Or register online http://www.prioritymanagement.com/atlantica/workshops/index.php 
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Offer Valid: March 23, 2020April 30, 2020
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