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Free trial Virtual Reality in- person meeting

Offer Valid: 04/08/2021 - 05/31/2021
Efficient communication is among the most fundamental challenges to businesses such as team collaboration, training/education/e-learning, project management, trade shows, retail stores

Please ask for a free consultation and a free trial to experience the new global collaboration with Virtual Reality meeting.


We try everything we can, but still, end up flying like crazy

2D or not to be

  1. Videoconferences can’t handle the necessary complexity of our meetings, while other tools we use are asynchronous or too narrow in use cases. For complex, synchronous meetings, we still meet in person.
  2. This means travel. The demand for in-person meetings leads to huge costs for the company, the environment and the people.
  3. Arthur Virtual Reality in-person solves synchronous, complex collaboration in a fully digital

meeting environment mirroring a real-life in-person meeting.

  • Discusses complex feature improvements and software architecture changes with his lead architect in VR. He and his team present ideas quickly to stakeholders.
  • Business workshop with client and other team members, mostly collaborating on data, strategies and forging this content into presentations.
  • Discusses requirements and plans for the sprint with his client and team in VR. The team can manage their sprint with a VR Jira Integration in Arthur.

Your business case for using virtual reality meetings!

Co2 offset and saving a considerable amount of money by using advanced technology instead of paying for business travel. We made up your business case for a mid-size company. 80/100 people have to travel by plane long-distance and a short distance; 200 go by train; 300 go by car, alternate. We did calculate your savings by just using 51% Arthur Virtual Reality meetings instead to travel:
  •     Your savings annually: 35.404.057 Kg Co2 reduction
  •     1.170.348 Euro saving for business travel
  •     35.557 saving in working hours (~3.200.130 EURO saving)


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