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25% Discount for AKSO Immune Booster Products & 10% Discount for Dried Atlantic Sea Cucumber

Offer Valid: 10/26/2022 - 12/31/2022
Immune System Booster and Anti Aging & Source of Polysaccharides and Bioactive Peptides
AKSO wants to offer Chamber Members 25% off the AKSO Immune Booster Products and a 10% discount off Dried Atlantic Sea Cucumbers! More information below! To redeem, please reach out and let us know you're a Chamber Member!

  • WHY CHOOSE ATLANTIC SEA CUCUMBER CAPSULES? We ONLY use Atlantic Sea Cucumber for our products as they live in the pristine cold Atlantic water in Canada. Atlantic Sea Cucumbers are known for their extremely high concentration of rich polysaccharides and frondoside A (saponin) delivering a high quality dose immune system booster, joint supplement and antioxidant supplement in one easy to take capsule. Other Sea Cucumbers have less polysaccharides and frondoside A compared to the Atlantic species

  • BACKED BY CENTURIES OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE: In China, sea cucumbers are known as “Hǎishēn” which translates to "Ginseng of the Sea" with thousands of years of history as a food with powerful health benefits such as anti fatigue, anti aging and faster surgery recovery. Traditional dried sea cucumber takes over 3days preparing and can cost over $5000 per kilogram! Discover all of the health benefits in our convenient capsule. In as little as 30days, you'll feel the difference!

  • HEALTH BENEFITS PROVEN BY SCIENCE: Working with the National Research Council of Canada and Dalhousie University in Halifax, we have shown a 3x boost in antibody response after just 30 days as well as a reduction in inflammation. We are the ONLY company worldwide conducting human clinical trials on Cucumaria Frondosa exploring the wonderful benefits of this uniquely Atlantic Canadian species supported by the Ocean Supercluster of Canada

  • AWARDS AND ACCOLADES: Grade 1 is the best, we are above Grade 1. Nova Sea Atlantic has been awarded the Best New Health Product at the 27th Annual Retail Council of Canada Grand Prix as well as being awarded the Nova Scotia Ministers Award of Excellenace in Innovation and Export. Most recently we have been awarded the Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Innovation Challenge Program Winner for our innovation in product development

  • CANADIAN HARVESTED, CANADIAN PROCESSED, CANADIAN QUALITY: Nova Sea Atlantic Sea Cucumber products are produced in a GMP regulated facility and the only company that has passed the Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification in the processing of Atlantic Sea Cucumber in Canada. This product is licensed by Health Canada under NPN 80090812

  • R&D AND INNOVATION IS OUR PRIORITY: AKSO Marine Biotech Inc, the producer of Nova Sea Atlantic sea cucumber pills, works closely with Canadian government agencies and Universities exploring the marvels of the Canadian oceans. Our in-house R&D team is constantly innovating to seek the next breakthrough for your personal wellness. For decades, we have been committed to quality, safety, and sustainability. Always pure products without harmful fillers, chemicals or additives.

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