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PRIDE MONTH: NEW e-learning inclusion accredited course for business leaders!

Offer Valid: 06/01/2022 - 06/30/2022
For businesses and service professionals engaged in being inclusive leaders in their industry

Beyond Barriers 4 Inclusion course title card linking to more information about the program
What makes a good leader?  

Why is inclusivity an essential component of being a good leader?

What does inclusive leadership look like?

If you are working with people in a leadership role or aspiring to do so, inclusive competency skills are essential. In Simply Good Form's NEW introductory Inclusive Leadership BB4I course, the inclusion team at Simply Good Form Inc. are going to provide you with educational knowledge, tools and a foundation for approaching leadership roles with an intersectional lens that creates welcoming space, celebratory of diverse participation.
Simply Good Form Inc. is an accredited Rainbow Registered Accessor.

Meet the team at Simply Good Form Inc.


Beyond Barriers 4 Inclusion is a comprehensive DEI leadership program focused on inspiring inclusive, welcoming leadership and customer service delivery supporting everyone regardless of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

Beyond Barriers 4 Inclusion inspires thought-leadership skills to inspire future game-changers in business, hospitality, recreational front-line staff, recreational educators, supervisors, employees and administrators. 


  1. Intention
  2. Respect
  3. Acceptance and Accessibility

Simply Good Form Inc. programming was founded in 2019 and as the consultancy for beyond binary thinking. SGF delivers people-centred professional development training, empowering organizations with inclusive program and policy assessment tools to help dismantle systemic bias.

Raising The Bar:

  • Intentionally attract a diverse team 
  • Create a welcoming work place and learning culture inspiring productivity and growth
  • Smash bias-based barriers with knowledge and confidence


For smaller or larger business, connect with us for group and per person pricing.

​Simply Good Form Inc. is a Rainbow Registered Accessor. Let our team ensure your business measures up.

Accredited Rainbow Registered Accessor

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