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Cyber Threat Assessment
ABM Integrated Solutions – M2M Marketplace Special Offer

Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)

ABM Integrated Solutions is committed to providing fellow members of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce an easy and effective means to identify potential threats to their cyber security. ABM will provide a complimentary CTAP assessment and detailed report as part of the Chamber’s M2M Marketplace program, an approximate value of $500.

A CTAP gives you a deep visibility into the state of your current security posture, providing visibility across three key areas:
Security and Threat Prevention: Threat assessment programs not only help identify network vulnerabilities but frame them in relation to the malware/botnets potentially active within your environment. Subsequently, devices which are particularly at risk to these types of cyber-threats can be properly identified and remedied.
User Activity and Productivity: The CTAP provides you with extensive visibility into electronic messaging and other applications active within your environment. This gives technical resources greater visibility into bad user behaviors and possible access to unauthorized applications taking control of their networks.
Network Utilization and Performance: The assessment program also provides insights into the data throughput, session activities, and bandwidth usage that may be negatively affecting your network particularly during peak traffic transmissions.

This process does not impact your network performance in any way. A Fortinet CTAP appliance is installed behind your firewall in ‘transparent mode’ by ABM for a period of a seven to ten days and will monitor, track and assess the data traffic moving in and out of the network.  At the completion of the scan, ABM will provide your company with a detailed report to add to your security strategy portfolio.
Contact Information
phone: (902) 481-8954
website: www.abmis.ca
Offer Valid: October 11, 2019January 31, 2020
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